About Me


Codi has been bisexual since, well forever (duh) and realized so in Houston, TX at 18 where she is originally from. She also considers polyamory to be more her orientation than lifestyle choice.

Codi moved to Denver in 2013 largely in part to escape the intolerance for all LGBTQ+ in the Bible belt and is happy to call Denver her new home. The hatred, abuse, and erasure she has experienced in the past, with an absence of support, just for being bisexual and polyamorous fueled her passion to start PAVES and organizing polyamorous events so that other bisexual people don’t have to go through what she did or worse.

Codi studied Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Denver and now speaks and writes about intersectional feminism, ethical nonmonogamy, sexuality, gender, jealousy, sex education, and living with a chronic illness. To contact her for writing or speaking fees or opportunities email her at codi.coday@PAVESnonprofit.com.

In her free time, she organizes the largest social polyamorous group in Denver, loves to camp, and attempts to paint. She also enjoys binging on television and movies, and spends a lot of time yelling at ridiculous depictions of love triangles and bisexuals who just “don’t want a label” (looking at you Piper Chapman). Feel free to connect with her on Twitter, Facebook PAVES/ Poly Talk, and Instagram.